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Review : Own by K.I. Lynn & N. Isabelle Blanco



The final instalment in the ‘Need’ series is here. K.I. Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco have kept me captivated by this series and have put me through the wringer with the back and forth between the two characters. ‘Own’ is a brilliant final chapter to that I give 4.5 stars.

For the past two books Brayden and Kira have struggled with their feelings and the position they were put in because of their parents’ marriage. They have grown up together and been put through so much, supported each other through so much and then when they should have been together they were pushed apart because of circumstance.

NOW, finally they are together but they are under the microscope and having to keep their relationship a secret but we all know that secrets never remain hidden. Brayden is so much better in this book as he tries to prove his love that you fall for him so much more. There is so much emotion that these books put you and the characters through but you just can’t and don’t want to stop reading.

There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested and it really is not your generic forbidden step brother romance as it has so much depth to it. I really felt that the ending was brilliant and fitted the books well. A great series that is so worth reading, truly recommended.

Reviewed by Louise G.