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Review : A Promise Kept by Anissa Garcia

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **

A Promise Kept is Anissa Garcia's debit novel and it is a great start for her. Trust me, you will be hooked on her novels after you read A Promise Kept. I truly enjoyed this novel. It was a great romance. 

A Promise Kept is a story of seeing love blossom rather than love at first sight. I felt drawn in seeing how Grace fights tooth and nail to keep her distance from Evan. Situations in Grace's life has left her with a wall up. One no one has never been able to penetrate. Not even the sexy movie star neighbor can stand a chance against Grace. Or can he?

Evan isn't your typical star, none of the stereotypical traits can be found in him. He's definitely a genuine good person, which is something Grace has a hard time seeing. It's a good thing Evan knows what he wants and he wants to get to know Grace. Evan knows Grace needs to trust someone... let someone in. To take down that wall she's hiding behind. He tries to help little by little by forming a friendship. A friendship that blossoms into something extraordinary.  

Anissa's characters were developed nicely, giving them the perfect story line. Giving them a truly heartwarming happy ending. A Promise Kept is on my top reads of 2016 with 5 stars!

Reviewed by Lindsey W