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Review : The Roman by Sylvain Reynard

*ARC In Exchange for Honest Review*

Sylvain Reynard captured me with the Inferno series and now this author has done an amazing job with the Florentine series.  'The Roman' is the third book in The Florentine series and it definitely did not disappoint.  Even though I was not able to read the first two, once you start to read this third book, you get a lot of background and are able to piece together what happened in the first two!

I have a love for paranormal books and for this book to be a vampire book, I was beyond excited to receive it!  Sylvain did an amazing job with even the smallest details of the vampires and humans, as well as their worlds they live in.  The fact that the whole series was based in the European countries and involved the Vatican and Rome, made it extremely interesting since it's basically the holy land, and vampires (demons as well) inhabit the area.

Raven is trying to save her sister after her beloved Prince William is killed.  She is supposed to be delivered to the Curia, which are the humans at the Vatican, as a trade for peace in Florence since the Prince has been killed.  On her journey of basically being kidnapped, she encounters the truth behind her Prince's death and finds that he is alive and determined to find peace within Florence and with the Curia.

William is determined to get his city back in order and wants peace with the Curia.  After saving Ravens sister and her being sent back to the states, he does not want to give up Raven to the Curia, even though they are determined to get her.  He goes to The Roman for assistance, and even though the oldest and most powerful vampire helps him, he soon becomes betrayed by his own family.

With just the story behind this third book, I loved this series!  I also loved the fact that Sylvain also included Gabriel into this series.  Awesome touch!

5 stars from me!  I think I will go back and read the two books prior anyways just because it was that good!!

Reviewed by Jodi N.