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Review : Royal Scandal by Marquita Valentine

** ARC Provided by the Author for an honest review **

Marquita Valentine knows how to write a modern Cinderella story with Royal Scandal! This looks like it will be the first book in a series and I personally can’t wait for more from this author. Collin Sinclair, Crown Prince of Isle of Man, has been exiled out of country following his parents assassination along with his siblings. Held up in St. Claire, North Carolina he is the rock and the prime guardian to his family. Collin has put his entire life on hold by protecting, loving and even becoming a “daddy” to his 2 youngest brothers. An encounter with one of the housekeepers daughters blossoms into a friendship that he truly can’t live without.

Della Hughes and her family have lived on the St. Claire estate property their whole lives and knows no different. 10 years of being Collin’s best friend, she has become the “motherly” role in the Sinclair family. Della has no idea who the Sinclairs actually are and as much as Collin wants to confess… he can’t fathom the thought of losing her. What would Della think?

Della and Collin have a way with words, their interactions with each other will make you laugh out loud and draw you in at the same time. Collin is someone you can truly fall in love with. He is the epitome of a prince, the one that you dream of as a little girl.

For the past 10 years Della has had a secret crush on Collin. She is your Disney nerd, volunteering at hospitals as princesses, she secretly wants the happily ever after… 

“I don’t believe in those - at least not for me in the traditional since.” - Della (while talking about Collin to her step-mother)

After a trip to London to talk with the Prime Minister on exonerating his family's exile, Collin must get married to the terms of the Prime Minister. Since Collin and his family do what they please, Collin finally confronts Della on his family’s history and asks her to help in a life altering decision. 

“Her gaze meets mine and there is so much compassion and empathy in the depths of her eyes that I feel as if I’ve found a kindred soul in her” - Collin

During their week long faux-honeymoon the tension between Collin and Della escalate and both confess their desires for one another, however, both have secrets that come to surface. They must make the decision to confess and be truthful or keep them hidden and hinder their relationship with each other.

I absolutely LOVED this book! This is a mix of a modern Cinderella and British monarchy story. This love story is swoon-worthy which you can’t stop reading! If you do put it down, you think about it constantly and rush back to finish it! The love Collin has for his family is admirable and hopefully Marquita finishes the series with the other siblings. Can’t wait to see what she has in store with Charlotte! I give this book 5 Stars!! 

Reviewed by Allyson S.