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Review : The Scars Keeper by Scarlet Wolfe

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

The Scars Keeper by Scarlet Wolfe was different to what I am used to. It’s a young adult one with a difference – it deals with real life issues.

You had no choice but to get drawn into the story of Avery and Hayden. Two seniors, both battling demons and secrets, ones that make them vulnerable and not willing to let anyone in. 

Both these two come from different worlds, so they face different challenges in their lives and not everything is a simple as they would like it to be – including the love they find in each other. 

I was sucked in from the start and felt I could relate to their story because one of the issues Avery deals with, is one my own daughter struggles with.  What I loved was how these two characters were defined and how you as a reader were pulled into their world. There were times I just wanted to cuddle them and tell them everything was going to be okay. 

There was nothing quick about what they find in each other, and The Scars Keeper will have you riding an emotional roller coaster right until the very last world.

I loved it and I have no doubt you will too.

This is a four-star read for me. 

Reviewed by Stacey J