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Review : Shut up and Kiss Me by Jessica Lemmon

**ARC provided by the Author for an honest review**

'Shut Up and Kiss Me' by Jessica Lemmon is the 2nd in her Lost Boys series.  

Being the first I have read of Jessica Lemmon, I found it to be a great read, even without having read the first in the series. 

The easy to read writing and the relationship between our two main characters, Cade and Tasha, ensured I read this book in one sitting. 

Cade has been injured in a car accident and whilst recovering, a past acquaintance, Tasha rushes in to help when others have rushed out.  Even in recovery, there was no weakness in Cade, except when it came to Tasha.  I enjoyed their relationship and easily fell for Cade.

I have given 'Shut Up and Kiss Me' four stars.  An enjoyable read, and I have already one clicked her first in the Lost Boys series.

Reviewed by : Abigail M