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Review : Six Years Gone by Jessica Gouin



‘Six Years Gone’ by Jessica Gouin, is a book with a bit of everything form teen angst, first love and second chance romance that you just can’t let slip you by again. This was a first by this author but a real treat to read, 4 stars.

This book is the first in a two part series. This one in particular focuses a round Sawyer and Lachlan and the second one will feature two other characters. This was a great book which encompasses different genres, so if you like young/new adult books, first loves or lost loves coming together for a second chance then this book is for you.

Struggling to cope in her small town where everyone knows her business and she puts on a front of being this badass girl that is bitchy and hard. On the inside she is crumbling under it all and uses drugs to get her through the day numbing her feelings and emotions. It is not until Lachlan comes into her life does it start to be bearable, even if they are keeping things a secret it doesn’t matter because he just makes her feel things she never thought she could or would.

Lachlan is a rich kid that sees something in Sawyer that everyone else doesn’t bother to notice. The harsh exterior is tactic to keep others away but unfortunately for Sawyer that only make Lachlan want to know her more. He sees that there is someone loving and caring who is hurting.

Just when things should be good and they plan to come clean with people Lachlan has to leave but he promises to return. Never did Sawyer think he would desert her for six years so you can understand her hostility. Of course there are reasons behind his absence, things beyond his control and secrets that will come out but its whether they will get the second chance or not that keeps you reading.

I really enjoyed this book and will be looking out for the next one. The other characters were great and you want to know more about them too. The book will have you frustrated at times because of circumstances and missed chances but that is why you read this type of book. Great read.

Reviewed by Louise G.