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Review : Snowed in with the Boss by Lili Valente

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Because I read so many books I love a good down and dirty novella to reignite my desire to read.

Snowed in with the Boss by Lili Valente gave me just what I was looking for, and was one of those times I actually thanked our review manager for sending me a book to review on.

I loved that I could finish this book in one sitting. It had everything I was looking for – a hot as hell boss who delves into anything kinky, and a girl letting her inner sexiness free to finally give her what she desires most. Okay so I admit, I wasn’t actively searching for this kind of story but hey everyone has a little wickedness buried inside of them.

Jane wants to be trained as a submissive – she knows that deep down that is what is she. Now she just needs to find the right Dominant partner to guide her. Her boss, ‘Ten’ is a Dom and one who gets his kicks from spanking. Jane is on his radar and when he intercepts her work emails he knows what he needs to do to have her. Oh…. Did I leave out the little detail that Jane works for a Cyber Security Company? Yeah so invading employee’s emails is do-able, especially when the boss is in love with one of his employees.

So what do you think happens when these two are snowed in for the night…. Alone…. Together? I’d love to tell you but then you wouldn’t rush out and buy this hot, steamy little novella.

It’s a great read and one I know you will love

This is a four-star read for me.

Reviewed by Stacey J