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Review : Suddenly Dating by Julia London

*ARC In Exchange for Honest Review*

To say I liked Suddenly Dating by Julia London would be an understatement!  I absolutely loved this book!  Julia did an awesome job with the characters and the whole story line.  The emotions within this book were enough to keep you going and "Hardhat Harry" definitely made me swoon!

Lola Dunne is an aspiring writer, or so she wants to be but she cant seem to find time to do anything for herself because she lets everyone else walk all over her.  She is recently divorced and unhappy with her job.  She just wants to write a book and enjoy herself.  When a friend offers her a reprieve to use her lake house in secret, she decides to quit her job and do it.  Maybe she will finally write that book and relax.  What she comes across at the lake house is definitely not something she expected!

Harry Westbrook is an engineer who is trying to start up his own business, and his girlfriend is not happy about it because she feels he is failing.  After the multiple times she leaves him, he takes up a friends offer to live at his lake house.  Selling his apartment and living at the lake house is great, until he comes home one night and finds a beautiful stranger in the house.

Lola and Harry were amazing!  They were a great pairing because they had amazing chemistry, especially with the bickering. They were so set on being roommates and setting ground rules, that they didn't pay attention to how great they were together! The constant bickering and her clumsiness made me laugh so much.  There were a couple times I wanted to smack both characters, but hey I think that comes with every book!

This was my first book by Julia and I would definitely read another one.  I would love to see a book for Mallory because she was so funny and deserves a happy ending!

5 stars from me!!

Reviewed By :  Jodi N.