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Review : Unplugged by LK Collins

*ARC In Exchange for Honest Review*

Hook, line, and sinker.  That's how I feel after reading LK Collins new book 'Unplugged'.  Once I started this book I did not want to put it down because she captured me from the first chapter. The characters, story line, and HOTNESS really made this book amazing!

Quinn is a strong character to me, even though she's fresh off of a breakup.  Yes she had issues making up her mind because she's cautious of being hurt again, but she is determined to not be put in that situation.  A week away with a group of her closest friends should help, until she is stuck being roommates with Merritt, the sexy guy that knows nobody and is a last minute addition to the group.

Merritt just wants to actually be able to get away from work and relax, so he takes up his best friend Ari's invite and goes away for a week with him and a group of friends. Walking into his room for the week, he doesn't expect to see a half naked girl that he's instantly attracted to.  He doesn't have time for dating or women with his work, but a one week deal that him and Quinn make with each other makes for one steamy week in the snowy mountains!

Plan on fanning yourself while reading this book because holy hotness will it leave you panting.  A one week plan turns into a sexy read, and once the week is up it only gets better.  Both of them having to decide with what it's going to be will leave your head bouncing back and forth waiting for a decision, but LK will not disappoint.  Aside from hot sex, there is a twist that I definitely did not see coming and holy heck does it make your jaw drop!  I loved every second of it too!

LK Collins is an amazing author and knows just what to give her readers to keep them coming back for more!!

5 unplugged stars!!!

Reviewed By : Jodi N.