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Review : When all the Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz

*ARC in Exchange for Honest Review*

Jayne Ann Krentz is a new author to me so I was intrigued when I was given ‘When All The Girls Have Gone’ to read.  I told myself a good mystery book would be a nice change up from reading my normal types of books and I am glad I read this one.  It kept my mind going back and forth on what is going on and thinking “who did it?”.  Jayne packed this book with lots of mystery and intrigue that it will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!

Charlotte Sawyer is plant sitting for her step-sister, Jocelyn, while she is away on a retreat with no technology involved.  When she shows up at her house, there is a package from Jocelyn’s best friend Louise that Charlotte feels she should open just in case it is really important.  With this, Charlotte finds out that Louise has been killed, and now Jocelyn has disappeared off of the grid.  Determined to find out what all has happened, she turns to PI Max Cutler, who is already been hired to investigate the death of Louise by her cousin.

Max Cutler is an ex cop turned PI after he decided to leave the force due to past circumstances that have him chasing nightmares.  He has been hired by Louise’s cousin to investigate her death because he doesn’t believe that she died from drugs.  He is convinced that she was murdered.  Max crosses paths with Charlotte when he is at the condo looking into evidence, and they decide to form a partnership so they can both look for who killed Louise, and what has happened to Jocelyn.

Secrets are a huge key in this story and there are tons of them.  Jocelyn has an elite group she is a part of and once some of the secrets from the group are revealed in the search for her, many suspects are added to the list and friendships are tested.  Max and Charlotte are constantly on the case and will not rest until they figure out what happened.  Max has amazing PI skill, but yet he doesn’t think he is good enough to start up his own firm like he wants.  With this case and a little bit of reassurance from Charlotte, he finally starts to believe.

Aside from all of the mystery and crime solving, there is a bit of romance which is right up my alley.  It’s funny how something so devastating can bring two people together that are a little broken from past marriages, or failed engagements.  I really liked Charlotte and Max and was rooting for them throughout the story.

This was a nice read and change of pace.  I would definitely recommend to anyone who like a bit of a mind play book and something that keeps you thinking what is coming next.  There were lots of characters POV’s without the book so you did jump around a bit, but it was nice to get into the minds of those that were involved!

4 mysterious stars

Reviewed by Jodi N.