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Review : Words I Couldn't Say by Tessa Teevan

*ARC in Exchange for Honest Review*

Tessa Teevan... amazing lady to meet in person and just as amazing as a writer.  When I heard she had a new book coming out, 'Words I Couldn't Say', I instantly knew I had to have a copy of this book to read.  She has always been a go to author for me from the first book I have read, with this latest one and she will always be. She puts so much feeling into her books and this one she definitely does not disappoint.  She takes you on an emotional ride and makes you fall in love with Ava and Tucker.  Believe me when I say Tucker Manning is now my new book boyfriend and you will soon fall under his spell when you read this book!

We first met Ava Banks in Fusion as a spunky, curious little 6 year old girl.  She is now all grown up, 23 years old, and living her life of her dreams as an aspiring actress.  It's like she says, "I mean, my name is Ava for a reason, and I wouldn't have been doing my namesake justice if I hadn't at least tried to make it on the silver screen."  Landing the role of a lifetime is a dream of Ava's and when she finally gets the call for the next big movie in Hollywood, she jumps on the chance!  Her best friend and roommate Tawni makes her read the book that her new movie is based off of and when she does, it ignites old memories and feelings for the one boy that she never got over and can't seem to ever forget.  Re-living the memory of what happened five years earlier that broke her heart, she is vowing to herself to fix the problem when she returns to Cincinnati to film the new movie.

Tucker Manning grew up best friends with Ava his whole life. When tragedy strikes his family, he has to make some decisions that will change the course of his life and his relationship with Ava. Now, with five years past, and as a successful author, he is on his way to the big screen with his book that he wrote.  The one catch... he wants Ava Banks as his leading lady, and he has just the plan to get her. This man will pull out all the stops until he gets her back!

I heart Tucker Manning!  He has a heart of gold and is the absolute sweetest man in a book I have read about in a while.  Tessa really made him an amazing character and he will make all women fall for him.  Just wait and see! Tessa's writing on Ava was amazing as well. She really put a lot of emotion and thoughts behind both of them and it makes the reader understand more of why they did what they did and why they felt the way they felt.  I was in love with this book, 2 chapters in and did not want to put it down!

5 Loving stars from me and I cannot wait to see what Tessa comes out with next! 

Reviewed by Jodi N.