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Review : Wrong for Me by Jackie Ashenden


Can I just say wow? This book brought every emotion out of me. This is the first time I have ever read anything by Jackie Ashenden and it will not be the last. First off, I would like to state I was hooked when she described nerves as the acid building up in her stomach. The science nerd in me got stupid excited. Jackie constantly made references throughout the entire book about how the body reacted to certain emotions. Well done, well done.

Now for then content of the story, this was an extremely well written novel. Jackie gave enough description and detail without the overkill. The story itself flowed nicely. There were points when I didn’t want to put the book down but life and work kept getting in the way. GAH! 

So you are wondering, what is the story about? Here is where the emotions come into play. So bear with me. Levi Rush recently served an eight-year sentence for an accidental murder for protecting his love interest Rachel when they were teenagers. Rachel being very young, was unable to come forward with her testimony because she was scared of what could happen to her. When Levi got out of prison, his mission was to make Rachel pay for not stepping forward and not visiting him once while he was serving his time. This is where I got annoyed. Levi felt Rachel owed him for not speaking on his behalf. So much he was blackmailing her into doing things there weren’t exactly her preference. Unfortunately, Rachel let him guilt her into whatever he wanted. Goodness, that drove me insane but a good insane. I wanted to yell at Levi. I wanted to defend Rachel and then slap some sense into her. But I got why she let him do what he wanted. But I digress. As the story went along, Levi and Rachel, despite the anger and hurt started to show why they were perfect for each other. At times, I wanted to cry because of their past and why they needed each other. Oh my goodness, and when it ended, this reviewer was beyond happy. I wanted the very best for them. 

So the moral of my review is to read the darn book. I haven’t experienced so many emotions in one book for a long time. This story was more than about sex but the sex was extra naughty, steamy and full of emotion. Get ready for the emotional roller coaster ride that is Levi and Rachel. 

This is a must read. Five Fantastic Stars. 

Reviewed by : Kris F.