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Review : Adventurous Proposal by Laura Barnard


It has been a while since I have read a book by Laura Barnard and for the life I don’t know why. ‘Adventurous Proposal’ is a sweet and funny romance that is a perfect book to curl up with and read especially at this time of year. A great read that I give 4 .5 stars.

Being unsuccessful at dating online and when finding herself to be stood up at a bar Flo gets talking with Hugh, who has also found himself in the same position. After a great evening of chat and humour Hugh walks Flo home only to return later with what could only be a absurd proposal, or is it.

Accepting the proposal Hugh and Flo agree to be married but decide to do it quickly, giving themselves only 24 days to arrange the wedding set for Christmas day. This set in motion a frenzy of activity and high jinx with many things to be organised. 

Of course with any great story there has to be a good villain and this is where Hugh’s mother and ex come into the picture trying to spoil things or Hugh and Flo. You will need to read to find out more and see if Hugh and Flo work out and make it to their big day.

This was a really sweet, funny and loving tale written flawlessly by Laura Barnard. It’s fast paced and fun with two lovable characters that had amazing chemistry. I would truly recommend this book and think it would be a great escape for anyone needing to relax from the chaos of Christmas.

Reviewed by Louise G.