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Review : Always Wanting by Alex Grayson


All I have to say is wow. This is the first time I have read anything by Alex Grayson and

I was completely impressed. Always Wanting was well written novel about two characters, one

extremely flawed and the other just straight alpha.

What I enjoyed about this novel is that Ms. Grayson touched on the subject of sexual

addiction. At times, I felt that Abby’s addiction was more extreme than most. However,

addictions tend to be extreme and she captured this well. Abby was so imperfect, which I loved.

Despite the whole sexual addiction, I felt she was relatable. Ms. Grayson was able to bring me in

as a reader and feel everything Abby was feeling. Well, done Alex.

Next, let’s talk about Colt. Talk about an arrogant, successful, and gorgeous family man

to fall in love with. Abby and Colt’s chemistry was unbreakable from the start. They were drawn

to each other despite not wanting each other. When they finally hooked up, it was rough, it was

sensual, it was steamy, it was incredible. Colt wanted Abby in every way possible. Abby did too

to an extent. The inner demons Abby faced everyday effected every angle of their relationship.

But Colt didn’t give up on her, which made you fall in love with him more. On a scale of 1 to 10

on the swooning factor, Colt was a 10. Love him, loved this story.

I am not one to highlight in my kindle but I did with this paragraph. The raw emotion this

quote gives, left me addicted to Always Wanting.

Abby’s inner dialogue, “My mind and heart play war with each other. I’ve missed him so

much, much more than I thought until right this very minute. Seeing him right now, I can’t

understand how I’ve gone ten days without him. I feel like I should be scratching my skin and

pulling my hair out, because I know without a doubt that I’m addicted to him, and not in just a

sexual sense, but in every sense possible for a person to be attracted to someone. I may go

withdrawals from sex, but I’m going through Colt withdrawals.”


Reviewed by Kris F.