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Review : Beauty In The Ashes by Micalea Smeltzer



Micalea Smeltzer surprised me with ‘Beauty In The Ashes’ as it was so not a book I was expecting from her. This emotive and enthralling read was four stars.

In this emotional tale two broken souls are brought together and laid out before you in this well written book. Full of twists and turns that keep you gripped right up until the end. Caelan and Sutton’s are both struggling. Both damaged by their pasts and have their own ways of coping and neither is looking for love.

Caelan is a sexy guy but is an angry drunk that has every right to be angry at the world. Numbing his pain in his drinking, partying ways and taking drugs he has found a way to just get through the day. Things changes when he comes across Sutton, inexplicably drawn to her despite how hard he tries to push her away.

Running from her own past Sutton doesn’t have any time or interest for falling for anyone but there is something about Caelan that she can relate with. Recognising the pain in him and feeling the connection and chemistry Sutton’s resolve begins to dissolve. Can two broken people be the missing piece for the other that makes them whole?

Reading as Caelan and Sutton both managed to move on and begin to heal was captivating. You really feel for them both and want them to get the chance they deserve. This book managed to really get to me at parts and I was totally thrown by that ending.

Reviewed by Louise G.