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Review : Bride By Royal Decree by Caitlin Crews

*** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ***

Bride by Royal Decree by Caitlin Crews is a standalone novel which will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride of a King who has found his long lost Queen.

Long lost princess of Santa Domini, Maggie “Magdalena” Strafford has never known what privilege and wealth feels like. Abandoned and left on the side of the road at age 8, she was bounced around in foster and then at 18 left on the streets to find her way. She has toughened up through various jobs and now finds herself in a coffee shop to the wealthy town of Strafford, Vermont. On her first night of closing the shop, she has a rough run in with Reza Argos and his goons. “He’s nothing special, just another man, apparently pompous.” Reza proceeds to tell her that she is the long lost princess of the Santa Domini and he is the King of the Constantines and she is to be wed to him. 

Reza is not a sympathetic man. It takes all of him to try and convince Maggie that she is truly the princess. Maggie knows no bounds in attitude, this is how she has survived, so when she sprouts off to The King, he is bewildered in how to deal with her. No one ever talks to him like she does. Their conversations are comical in ways that makes you smirk. 

Realizing she is tired of being alone in life with no family and surviving barely, she stops fighting the inevitable and becomes Reza’s princess. She wants what any little girl wants… a fairytale; but not all fairytales are roses, happiness and ends well.  

Reza feels helpless in his feelings toward Maggie. Brought up in a household where feelings and emotions are put aside and control and domination are the leader, he is at a loss. “...he’d become a slave to his feelings like his father. He only knew he couldn’t allow it.” He has issues with his duties as King, all a while Maggie tries her best to make him see he is still a man first and a King second. To see his walls start to crumble and shatter is something quite remarkable. 
“He found her and rescued her from a life that had never been meant to be hers. This was her chance to rescue him in return.” 

This was my first book from Caitlin Crews and it was great! This novel keeps you on your toes all the way til the end. To see a heroine try and change the alpha male is magical and I loved it. 

If you like a strong heroine that tries her best to change the alpha then this is the novel for you! 

4 Stars

Reviewed by Allyson S.