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Review : Christmas comes to Main Street by Olivia Miles

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

 Christmas Comes to Main Street is the fifth book in the Briar Creek series by Olivia Miles.

Kara Hastings owns a bakery in her small town. She opened shop just before the Christmas holiday and she is very, very busy. So busy in fact that she has almost no time for herself whatsoever. She is struggling because she is not only the owner, but the baker, the seller, and the deliverer for her small business. Things are taking its toll because it is the Christmas holiday time and sales are booming. She has many different cookies that she makes but she is also expanding with gingerbread houses and kits. She is fighting to prove that though in the past she has been a little flaky, she is determined to prove that she can make her business work.

Nate Griffin is a lawyer from Boston. He has come to visit his aunt while on vacation for Christmas. He sent his parents on a trip and promised them that he would go to visit her so that she wouldn’t be alone for the holiday. His aunt owns an inn that is very busy during the winter, because of the local ski resort that is near the inn. Nate has a hard time during that holidays because of his past. He grew up poor and learned early on that nothing is promised.

They meet by accident. Nate bumps into Kara and destroys her delivery for his aunt. They then meet again when she finally comes around to deliver her package. Kara does not like Nate because of his superior attitude. And Nate misunderstands a conversation, and believes that she comes from money. He does not feel that they can overcome that belief.

Will they be able to give each other a chance? Or will they allow for their current misunderstandings to be the end of the beginning.

I would give this book four stars.

Reviewed by: Nicole W.