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Review : Closer by Mary Elizabeth


‘Closer’ by Mary Elizabeth is another raw and emotional read that you just knew wasn’t going to be an easy book to read but one worth reading. A four star read for me.

This story begins with two unlikely souls becoming friends. Both med students and both with their own issues they become a lifeline for each other. We follow the story as it moves from the past when they met until now, seven years later. Things start off easy enough but as the years go on the relationship starts to take a destructive and maddening turn.

There are blurred lines of friendship and more with pain, lust, love and longing. The relationship is volatile and toxic but also loving and all consuming. This is not a sweet romantic read with a happily ever after, instead it is a frustrating, infuriating and captivating read.

Told from dual points of view you get to know Teller and Ella as you are drawn into their world of love and hate. An intense and emotional read that has suffering a little from the back and forth in another passionate real. Ending on a cliff hanger with the second instalment due out early 2017 you will be left desperate to find out what happens. Mary Elizabeth has a knack for writing raw, gritty and unconventional romance with a ring of truth to them. I for sure will be looking out for what comes next.

Reviewed by Louise G.