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Review : Dark Surrender by Rachel Van Dyken

**ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review**

Absolutely love this series!  'Dark Surrender' by Rachel Van Dyken is the third book in The Dark Ones series and they just keep getting better and better!  Rachel is one of my all time favorite authors and when I found out she had this paranormal series, I was all over it.  Imagine my excitement when I was told I get to review this new one... Totally ecstatic!!

Alex is one of the strongest of the dark ones, but just doesn't know how strong yet. He's one of the last sirens and extremely egotistic since he believes everyone wants him and of course most do.  He's being told by Cassius, he has to mate which shouldn't be hard since his life revolves around sex, but what he doesn't know is that there is a certain someone that he has to mate with.  Imagine everyone's surprise when it comes to light the woman that he picks, not because he wants to, but because he is drawn to her for reasons he doesn't understand.

Hope is the flower lady for the immortal residence and cannot seem to understand why she is locked in a room with two other women.  She was told by Cassius she was getting a promotion, but when the one person walks into the room that she hopes she won't be seeing, she loses all self control when her mind starts to think dirty things.  She learns she is to mate with Alex and aside from having issues with it, she learns of a secret that has been kept from her for years... Her existence!

Aside from Mason, Alex is one of my favorites from this series.  He's sexy, of course being a Siren helps, but he has an "I don't care attitude".  He likes to try and convince Hope that if he doesn't constantly have sex he will die, which made me actually laugh!  The back and forth with him and Mason within the story had me laughing because they work well together!

Since we can do 6 stars in here, this one is getting all 6!  This is one of the best paranormal series I have read and I cannot wait for Masons story!

Jodi N.