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Review : The Detective's Trust by K. Langston



After just finishing the first book in the ‘Brother’s In Blue’ series I was thrilled that I was able to jump right into the second book in the series. ‘The Detective’s Trust’ by K. Langston revolves around a different Cunningham brother that I fell in love with as much as the last one. This is another five star read for me.

Reid Cunningham is a brooding sexy male that is a member of the LAPD. Like the rest of his family he is completely dedicated to his job on the police force and has little time for distractions but when someone he has promised to protect and watch over comes knocking on his door he is in for a lifetime of distractions.

Cassidy is the little sister of Reid’s best friend and she needs his help. After being threatened there is only one person that Cassidy can turn to and it is to the man that she has loved for years even if he never knew it.

Reid and Cassidy are a story of forbidden love in the sense that it’s the brother’s best friend/little sister that have feelings for each other for years but each is convinced that the their love is unrequited and/or that it is wrong to have those feelings. However Cassidy and Reid are so right for each other and their chemistry if on fire. Guilt and denial are some of the emotions that stand in their way. That along with the danger that Cassidy needs to be protected from are what keep you engrossed right until the end.

As I said earlier this is book two in the series and although this and I am assuming all the books to come can be read as standalones I just don’t see why you wouldn’t want to read them all and get know all the amazing Cunningham men. Another quick and gripping read that I whole heartedly recommend.

Reviewed by Louise G.