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Review : Going Under by Lexi Ryan


‘Going Under’ is the third book in ‘The Blackhawk Boys’ series by Lexi Ryan but can be read as a standalone. This was a book that I loved reading but I have to admit to slight trepidation as I knew Lexi Ryan was going to put me through the wringer with it and that she did. Another great addition to the series with 4.5 stars.

I’m a real sucker for second chance romances and especially ones when the character has turned their lives around. Alexandra is the girl that Sebastian has wanted for years but he feels he will never be worthy of her. Regardless that she is his best friends’ sister and should be forbidden Sebastian has dreamt of being with this girl but he just can’t let her see his ugliness.

Alexandra is a strong girl even if she doesn’t think so she has been through some horrific times and survived. Viewing herself as plain and shy she has hidden her crush on Sebastian for years and done nothing about it. There is something about Sebastian that brings feelings both emotionally and physically out of her but can or will she do anything about it.

Full of secrets and regrets both Sebastian and Alexandra have their own demons to get over before they can even have the chance of being together. Both characters are lovely and amazing that you really feel for them and want to help them out. Lexi Ryan knows how to write twists and turns though and as I said at the start she definitely put me through the wringer.

This is another great read by an amazing author and I truly recommend this book and the rest of the series.

Reviewed by Louise G.