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Review : Hate Story by Nicole Williams


‘Hate Story’ by Nicole Williams is definitely my type of book. Having read a few of her books before I had a certain expectation of what this book would be like and I wasn't wrong. This was another brilliant book by Nicole Williams which I gave stars.

This was the story of a marriage born out of convenience, a business agreement that would allow Max to get his green card and for Nina to get her much needed finances to maintain the upkeep of her grandmothers house which was her home.

Max and Nina are two people who don't believe in love and commitment. They actually cat stand each other but to get what they want they need to put on a display of being a loving couple to the outside world. Problems really begin for them when they meet and the hate begins to dissipate and the lines become blurred.

I really enjoyed getting to know Nina and Max neither of them has had it easy at certain points in their lives and this only makes you feel for them more. Both have fears that control ow they live their lives and this is actually quite sad. This book was unexpected and it actually puts you through quite a range of emotions, happy, sad, laughing and crying. Max and Nina are brilliant characters with amazing chemistry that they struggled to deny. A great book that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Reviewed by Louise G.