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Review : Hollywood Prince by Kim Karr

** ARC provided by the Author for an honest review ** 

Sexy, Sassy and Sensational .. Hollywood Prince with its slow burn romance will ignite your soul and heart. 

Kim Karr yet again proved to me why she is one of my go to Authors with her newest release. I could not put down this book, as I turned the pages I was sucked in more and more into this funny, poignant and hot read. 

Amelia Waters is a girl who is fighting an inner battle .. on one hand she is desperately trying to hold onto her HEA ideals and on the other hand facing devastating news that has shaken her beliefs to its foundations. Life hasn't been kind to her as she experienced a tragic instance in her young life however she has always waited for her Prince Charming to come and find her. Up until now she has only found ugly toads .. ugly inside and out. One night will change everything for her .. and when I say everything .. I mean everything. 

Two Princes will ultimately vie for the fair maiden's hand. On paper one is perfect, the other .. a heartbreak waiting to happen. Funny thing is that individuals always find a way to surprise you and who you ultimately end up with is up to fate. 

Landon or Brooklyn .. Amelia must decide between the man that makes her feel secure, beautiful and loved or the man that sets her body on fire and makes her feel, live and experience everything life has to offer to its fullest. The choice might seem apparent to some but never underestimate a man on a mission to win a woman's heart. He is a powerful and sexy opponent.

This story has a beautiful flow to it I think, as Amelia sets out to find truths, her journey takes her to places she never imagined. Pain, heartbreak, disappoint, redemption and love .. all this will be discovered and experienced as she sets forth on this path. We get to see some favorite Characters from Bedwrecker and find out more about where they are in their lives which is always a treat to us readers. 

I could give you a play by play of this novel .. but I truly believe that you need to read it to discover all the players in this game, experience the journey they all go on. It is funny, sweet and the growth of Amelia along with Brooklyn is a beautiful thing to watch. 

A one click must for any lover of forbidden romance lovers.