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Review : The Last Di Sione Claims His by Maisey Yates


***ARC provided by the author for an honest review***

Writing: Great
Violence: None
Sex: Some
Narration: 1st Person, alternating

The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize by Maisey Yates, is the final installment in the Billionaire’s Legacy, complete with a HEA.

Alessandro Di Sione is known for his cutthroat approach to business and relationships.  Not interested in finding a lifelong love, he keeps his relationships superficial and loveless.  When his Grandfather, Giovanni, asks him to find the last of The Lost Mistresses, a painting, he agrees to the dying man's wishes.  But when he circles the globe to where the painting was last known to be, he finds more than what he was expecting.

Princess Gabriella D’Oro has lived with her Grandmother, Queen Lucia, for many years due to her parents having a lack of regard for their parental responsibilities. She has a practical way about her that doesn’t allow for a lot of nonsense in her life.  So when a handsome stranger shows up on the Queen’s doorstep looking for The Lost Love, a painting that is believed to be a myth, Gabriella dismisses his presence.  But the Queen has other ideas and sends the unlikely duo to Isolo D’Oro to search for the lost painting.

What happens on their quest to find The Lost Love is more than either of them anticipates.

This book is great in that the subject matter is light, which makes it a great read for anyone who has just finished an intense book.  It’s fun and the mystery is interesting enough to keep you engaged throughout.  The denied chemistry and the fun banter between Alessandro and Gabriella, make you laugh and keep you turning pages.

It is not necessary to read the previous seven books in this series to understand the plot, but there is mention of the other siblings and their searches, that intrigues me enough to want to read the rest of the story behind The Lost Mistresses.

I am giving The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize 4 stars.

Review by: Corrie H.