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Review : Love Rehab by Louise Bay


*** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ***

Love Rehab is a romance novel by Author Louise Bay. This is the second book of hers I've read. The first was King of Wall Street and I loved that so much and so I was looking forward to this one. She did not disappoint.

Love Rehab is a standalone novel about MacKenzie Locke and Blake McKenna who meet by chance in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma (Kennedys words, not mine).  MacKenzie ends up in Oklahoma because her third fiancé, (yep, you read right, her third...) dumped her while she was in the middle of their wedding preparations and this makes her question her whole life, the choices she made, the decisions she followed through with, that lead her through three fiancés and getting dumped each and every time.

Just as MacKenzie is going through this huge life question, Blake is going through a huge decision of his own that leaves him torn. He is in Oklahoma to find the answers he searches for. 

These two troubled people meet by chance in Oklahoma and their chemistry is explosive. Though strangers to each other, they decided to take a chance on each other and had a sizzling (seriously hot) one night stand, not knowing what the future will bring.

"I couldn't be near her without being desperate to kiss her. And I couldn't kiss this girl without needing to fuck her."

MacKenzie is in Oklahoma for rehabilitation, yep, Love Rehab. She wanted to "heal" herself of what she thought was her problem and why her life plan was not working.

This was such an original story. I've never heard of a plot like this. It is realistic in a way in that makes you reflect, just as most women do. 

Their story is funny, lots of banter, lots of heat, hot sex, honesty, and personal growth of not only the main characters but of the secondary ones.

Just as this is Blake and MacKenzie's story, it is also the story of MacKenzie, Kennedy, and Rose's relationship as best friends. 

Louise Bay wrote a story that was engaging, original, and full of chemistry. 

MacKenzie is such a relatable character. She's the type of woman that's organized, she follows her list, her life plan if you may, to the T and avoids anything that she thinks will divert her from that. She also has the same insecurities and weaknesses as most other women. Joining Love Rehab makes her question herself, which makes you feel for her and root for her. 

These two characters are realistic, they're relatable and layered. They kept me entertained with their banter, chemistry, and their growth.

I give this story a sizzling 4 stars because of all of the above. 

Reviewed by Karen F.