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Review : Married For The Greek's Convenience by Michelle Smart



What a wonderful 2nd chance romance by Michelle Smart. This was my first time reading her work and it won’t be the last. Married for the Greeks Convenience is a tale of two independent, hard driven and personally, desire seeking souls who come “back” together for the sake of family.

Xander Trakas and Elizabeth Young found themselves married on a small island of St. Francis when they were 18/20 years old. Only after 4 days of wedded bliss, Xander calls it off and ends the marriage abruptly leaving a saddened Elizabeth in his wake.

A decade later, Xander looks into their annulment proceedings and figures out that they are actually still married and the annulment never took place. Xander needing a wife now more than ever to save his nephew, seeks Elizabeth out for her help. He is not well received by his way of manipulation of the situation, however, underneath her anger and hurt she still cares. Going along on the ruse that it’s their marriage she flies to Greece and becomes his wife “again”.

Elizabeth is one tough cookie; from her wit to her patience and her undercover love for Xander she is a heroine that should be commended. At the beginning, Xander is a force to be reckoned with. He is your Alpha billionaire who gets what he wants, but you see a different, positive side to him once they arrive back in Greece.

“You were the best person I had ever known. I fell in love with you the minute I saw you and I have never stopped loving you. I’ve done everything in my power to forget you but you’ve been living in my heart for so long you’ve claimed squatters’ rights’.”

4 Stars

Reviewed by Allyson S