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Review : Nice Guys Bite by Jennifer Estep

Writing- Great
Sex- None
Violence- Some/Graphic
Narration- 1st Person

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **

Jennifer Estep has written one hell of a paranormal suspense in Nice Guys Bite in the Elemental Assassin Urban Fantasy series! This is my first time reading her work and I can say I will be adding her to my list of authors to read. 

Silvio Sanchez, vampire, is the assistant to Gin aka “The Spider” assassin. Gin owns the barbecue joint in town as her cover by day but by night she is known as the leader of the underworld. Silvio & Gin have a brotherly/sisterly relationship and it’s intriguing to see the humor between them. 

Silvio has had trouble in the past with dating. It seems that every man he “tries” to date ends up dead by their enemy, so he has held off until Martin Mahoney joins the scene. Just when he starts to let his walls down with the professor, Silvio is kidnapped. With being the assistant to a Leader assassin, he finds himself in sticky situations like this, however, he was not counting on waking up next to his date. Just when things start to look positive on escape, Silvio learns that all people have two different sides  and learns the hard way to let someone into his life. 

This novel is fast paced with a twist and keeps you on your toes! 

4 Stars!! 

Reviewed by Allyson S.