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Review : Nothing Less by Anna Todd


Writing: Great
Violence: Some: Minor
Sex: Explicit
Narration: 1st Person, alternating

Nothing Less by Anna Todd is the second installment in The Landon Series.

Being a nice guy isn’t always easy, but that is exactly what Landon is.  Always putting others needs and feelings ahead of his own, it’s time that he focuses on what he wants and needs, and what he wants and needs is Nora.

Nora is struggling with her own needs and desires.  She wants and desires Landon, but knows he can never truly be hers.  That doesn’t stop her from pursuing a relationship with Landon, one that is guaranteed to be short lived. 

When Landon has other issues that are dropped in his lap and the truth about Nora finally comes to light, will Landon be able to look past everything and move forward with her or will this be the inevitable end Nora predicted?

I enjoyed Nothing Less in that it wasn’t predictable.  The author kept Nora’s secrets up until almost the end and the back and forth between Nora and Landon trying to figure out who the other is, was fun.  This book gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling, which I appreciate.  I highly recommend reading the first book in the series, Nothing More.  There were a lot of characters that I was unsure what their story was within the story and had I read the first in the series, or even The After Series, which Landon has a role in also, I would have understood what was happening.  There were a lot of references to Landon’s roommate and her troubles and I didn’t understand what was happening.

Overall, it is a good story with a HEA.  It is told in 1st person alternating POV between Landon and Nora, which I like as it lets me in on what both leads are thinking. 

I am giving Nothing Less by Anna Todd 4 stars.

Reviewed by: Corrie H for B&B Book Blog