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Review : Off The Rails by Jill Sorenson


***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

Off the Rails is a standalone novel by Jill Sorenson.

Ian Foster is a former DEA agent. He is currently injured form his prior assignment where he didn’t follow the rules and was forced to resign. He is currently working on a case as an undercover agent to try and win his position back with another agency.

Maria has just returned home back from the states. She has had a very interesting time in the states and it is good to finally be back home. She has a letter that she must deliver to the daughter of a mob boss. After that, she can finally be free to return home and live her simple, quiet life.

Ian has been Maria’s savior from the first time that they met. They have begun to fall in love. But their goals in life are so separate from each other’s, that neither of them feel as if they have a choice but to go their own ways. However, Ian’s assignment takes him back to Maria and their paths cross again. Both of them are fighting their attraction, but it is not too long until they cannot resist each other and the passion flairs between them.

Now they must keep away from la migra and do everything in their power to remain as safe as possible. Though Ian continues to push Maria to go home, the end result will always be the same. She will stay by his side until they have both reached their goals.

In the end, will they be able to accomplish their separate goals? Will they be able to be together? Or will their differences cause them to have to be apart?

I would give this book four stars.

Reviewed by: Nicole W.