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Review : The Officer's Promise by K. Langston



For some reason I had completely missed this book when it came out earlier this year so was thrilled that I got the chance to catch up on ‘The Officer’s Promise’ by K. Langston. It was a brilliant quick engrossing read that I give 5 stars.

Right from the start I knew that I was going to fall for Ryker and his sweet, protective and gentlemanly manner. The way he reacted to seeing MaryAnn battered and bruised meant that I knew he was going to be the one help her. He was definitely swoon worthy with his commitment to the NYPD, his family and friends and without a doubt in his commitment to MaryAnn regardless of how ever many years apart.

MaryAnn’s life has been shattered before when her parents were killed in 9/11. Her grandmother takes her away from the home and friends she loved and over time she lost contact with her friends, Ryker and his sister Reese. She then married a man who she thought she loved, who she thought loved her and was sweet and gentle but little did she know what he was really like. Frightened and broken MaryAnn decides to leave but there are consequences that she has to face as her husband won’t let her go easily.

This was a second chance story that although the couple were brought back together because of some awful circumstances you knew they were truly meant to be together. MaryAnn was sweet and as a reader you wanted her to be protected and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Ryker, he truly is a wonderful book boyfriend.

I loved this book and as I said it was a quick read that I was a little sad was over as I would have loved to have read more of them. I would definitely recommend this to romance lovers.

Reviewed by Louise G.