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Review : One Careful Owner by Jane Harvey-Berrick



As a fan of Jane Harvey-Berrick I am always keen to read her books and this one was just what I needed after some heavier reads. ‘One Careful Owner: Love Me, Love My Dog’ was something different that I loved getting all caught up in, 5 stars for this read.

For some it might seem difficult to read from the perspective of a dog but I kind of liked it. Being a dog lover and owner of two dogs with very different personalities I could totally get to grips with reading from Stan’s point of view and in fact thoroughly enjoyed it. His relationship and loyalty to Alex was just heart warming.

That being said you do really feel for Alex the owner of Stan the dog and how he has been treated. Life has really been cruel to Alex and because of that you truly hope that he and Dawn can begin to let the other in and learn to trust again. Both Alex and Dawn have been hurt badly and find it difficult to take that leap of faith. Dawn’s daughter Katie is without a doubt a gem of a character that lights up the page with her honesty and sweetness. Reading her interactions with both Alex and Stan were just a treat.

I loved that this book was a bit different from anything I had read and as a dog lover I was destined to love it just from that fact alone. There were some really emotional bits that tug at the heart and although this is a romance it is much more. It shows how cruel people can be and how much support and trust animals can bring to a person. I could gush about this story all day but don’t think I could do it justice so the best thing for me to say is “go and read this book”.

Reviewed by Louise G.