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Review : The Pawn by Skye Warren


I have been waiting on ‘The Pawn’ by Skye Warren so was so excited to eventually get the chance to read it and why wouldn’t I be when you get to meet Gabriel Miller. WOW! What a man and what a read, five stars.

I do love a dark read and can’t help but fall for those men that you really shouldn’t but can’t help it and that is exactly who Gabriel Miller is. He is all wicked, dangerous and sexy as sin but of course that is not all there is to him. The more you read the more you fall for this dominant, over protective and mysterious man.

Avery’s world is crumbling and she is not sure what is real and who to trust. She is desperate and the only thing she has of value that she thinks can save her is herself. Untouched and innocent Avery is willing to sacrifice so much. However as more and more is revealed Avery is conflicted and confused about this perplexing but enticing man.

Such a sensual and enthralling story that draws you in as you try and figure out who the real Gabriel Miller is and what he really wants. This is definitely a game of give and take with many behind the scene manoeuvers to be figured out. What a tangled web of lies and deceit that needs to be worked out and you undoubtedly get caught up in as the reader as much as the characters do.

What a brilliant and thrilling book with so much pleasure and pain, trepidation and fear along with need and lust. I loved every moment of this book and couldn’t put it down, I felt so many emotions and I was so beautifully manipulated in a story of power, revenge, need and control that it is one of my favourite reads of the year.

Reviewed by Louise G.