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Review : Rough by Scott Hildreth


** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **

Scott Hildreth's new release Rough is the second installment into his Filthy F*ckers MC series. Although this is the second in the series, reading Hard isn't required. Though I highly recommend you do. 

Rough was my first Scott Hildreth book and it certainly will not be my last. Rough is a remarkable take on the MC genre. It's authentic. comical and romance all in one. A true bestseller of 2016. 

Rough centers around Tegan Rassini, a tough chick who takes nothing from no one. She's trying to keep her life balanced. Making ends meet is nothing new for her. Getting the chance to making over 1,400 dollars to do the job she loves, she would do anything. Even if she's faced with the one person she didn't see coming crashing into her life.

Brad "Pee Bee" Carson, thought he had everything he needed in his life. The cut on his shoulders, the club of his life, his family by his side. Women whenever he wanted, but sometimes life gives you things you never considered and like life, it can spiral out of control, or lead you to a love you never thought you would find.

I enjoyed Tegan and Pee Bee. 
Their banter, the smart comments they had for each other. It made for a great read. 
Scott's writing is funny, heart-reaching, and can be seriously twisted at times. And I loved every minute of Rough. I look forward to the next book in the series.

I give Rough Five burning stars.

Reviewed by Lindsey W.