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Review : Safe Bet by Monica Murphy


Funny, Sweet and a certified BET that you will come to love this read. It's safe to say that Monica Murphy gave the fans of Drew + Fable something to swoon over, The Rule Series lovers a heck yeah fist pump and the Wade lovers the chance to finally get a little more on our favorite bad boy football player. 

Being a fan of both Series I was panting to get my hands on this and I was not disappointed. The Author did such a great job in bringing all the fan favorites into the mix but still letting Wades story shine. 

Wade is an upcoming football star and the epitome of a bad boy up until now, however he also has a strong sense of family, career and doing the right thing. Humble, caring and sexy, Wade is the full package in my eyes. All he needs is the right girl to set him on the relationship path all his close friends are on and he is eager to avoid. 

Enter the gorgeous, funny and desperate need of a job Sydney. Sydney lands the perfect job when she is hired to be the nanny for Drew and Fable's children. Live in nanny who gets to take care of two adorable kids and be surrounded by swoon worthy men .. I want that job !! However things take a turn for the worst when the media latches on to a innocent moment and turns it into a scandalous, untrue media circus sensation. 

Fable Callahan comes to the rescue, an idea is born and a plan in place. Pretend relationship to take the heat off !! Well it sounds perfect and easy in theory but how will Wade and Sydney pull it off? It's a good thing the chemistry between is sizzling however will the bad boy who has run from relationships and the girl who is scared silly of losing her job be able to make it believable ? What happens when emotions come into play? Nothing in life is guaranteed, even if it is "fake"

You absolutely need to read and find out if Wade and Sydney are able to last the week and if what started out as a way to deflect negative press actually turns into something more. 

A five star must read.