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Review : Saint by A. Zavarelli


‘Saint’ by A. Zavarelli is the 4th book in the ‘Boston Underworld’ series and it is one i have been waiting to read. I couldn't give it anything less than 5 stars I loved it.

We first get introduced to Rory and Scarlett in the first book in the series ‘Crow’ and the attraction was evident in that and I have been waiting somewhat impatiently to find out what happened. I knew that I would love this story but I just never knew how much.

Scarlett is one of the best female characters that I have read and I loved getting to know her watch her with someone like Rory. Scarlett (Satan) is a strong independent female that has had to fight to survive and survive she has. Sexy, sassy and dangerous, Scarlett is out for revenge and believe when I say she is dangerous as she is all out brutal at times. I knew going into this that Scarlett’s story was never going to be pretty and sweet and it really wasn’t.

Rory (Saint) is a sexy, handsome and you can imagine swooning in his presence. He is an Irish gangster who is willing to do anything for his brothers and is not afraid to make you bleed for them but for his woman he will take it to a whole different level. From the first book in the series you knew Rory was enamoured with Scarlett and that the chemistry between them was on fire.

This is not a sweet romance but one of ten love and emotion. It has you going on a rollercoaster ride with them and you will love every minute of it if you have read the previous books. Some parts may be difficult for some to read as it is raw and real but well worth it. This is a story of trusting, loving and having faith in the other person to be what you need.

It is always hard to write reviews for books that you love as you want to do it justice and believe I really struggled writing this review. I first discovered A. Zavarelli’s magnificent writing talent when I first read Crow and I couldn't believe that it was a book that I had downloaded but didn't read until months later, I felt such a fool for waiting to read it. Although each book in this series revolves around a different couple so you can pick them up individually i truly recommend that you read each book or you will be truly missing out.

Reviewed by Louise G.