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Review : Separation Games by CD Reiss

* ARC provided by the author for an honest review **

Erotic, sexy and spell bounding, this passionate and raw read will have you invested from the moment you begin to read. Lessons will be taught, hearts will break and finally a path to love to will be forged. 

Picking up right where the Marriage Games ended, we are once again thrust beautifully into the lives of Adam and Diana. This time however we get into the mind of the woman trying desperately to hang onto the love of a man her heart knew she wanted but her mind was not ready to acknowledge. So many questions swirl around however the predominant one is also how far are you willing to push your boundaries and ideals for the person you love? How can you love a person who has two uniquely defining personalities?

We saw how hard Adam fought for the woman he loved, now it's Diana's turn to show him that love can exist and thrive even in the darkest of times and mindsets. These two characters evolved so much thru this journey, and when Adam turns the tables on Diana she is left reeling, wondering how she will be able to get through to husband before it's too late.

The path that Adam set forth for them causes them to face their inner demons and fears at the same time release their true wants and desires. The emotional journey is eye opening for them and for us. The way they start to deal with their own reality is a wonder to witness. They need to learn how to let the other one be the person they truly are, to love and accept 100% the faults, weaknesses and exceptional qualities of one another. Only then will this couple have a true fighting chance at the elusive HEA. 

It took 15 days for one to fall deeper in love and the other to question the whole marriage. How will the remaining 15 days pan out? 

A 5 STAR sexy, smoldering read that will have you chained to your reader.