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Review : She Owns Me by J.L. Ostle

She Owns Me


This was a book I had been looking forward to after reading the first instalment so couldn’t wait to jump right into ‘She Owns Me’ by J.L. Ostle to see what happens next.

In this book we get to know more about why Jonny is the way he is with more of the book written from his point of view. After he messed up on the first book we find the story as it picks up a few years later, Jonny is a bit of a mess full of regret. When fate steps and brings Raven back into his world he will do what it takes to get her back.

Having Jonny back in her life brings up a lot of hurt, want, desire, confusion and a whole bag load of other emotions that she must deal with. It is whether she is able to do what is best for her and if she is strong enough to make the right decisions, whatever they may be.

Jonny and Raven have been battered and bruised by their pasts and been left broken but when together they start to become more if not whole. Unfortunately life is cruel and this book puts you through the wringer as you read how things play out. This book was full of surprises and had me up, down, hopeful, saddened and every emotion in between. This was a great follow up and not what I expected at all, a great four star read.

Reviewed by Louise G.