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Review : A Shot With You by Teri Anne Stanley



Writing: Great
Violence: None
Sex: Some
Narration: 1st person; alternating

A Shot With You by Teri Anne Stanley is a sweet little standalone that wraps up in a fun happily ever after.  I had not ever read anything by Teri Anne Stanley, but will definitely go back for more when I need a quick shot of a sweet romance. A Shot With You checked off several of my must haves, a little drama, a little push and pull, and lots of love!  I love it when characters can go back and forth and really build the anticipation.  This story was also rich in family and I would be interested in reading some of their stories as well.  

Brandon Morgan is a workaholic!  While on a forced vacation though, he still manages to get in a little work on the side.  His family is in the bourbon business so while in Mexico, he decides to go on a tequila tasting tour instead of the ski surfing he was signed up for. He calls it “market research” and it's definitely not what his family wanted him to do while on vacation. When his tour begins, he doesn’t anticipate finding a beautiful guide and a business opportunity.

Lesa Ruiz has been working for the family’s Tequila Distillery for a very long time.  It was never her plan to stay in one place and get tied down to the distillery or a man.  She had hopes of traveling outside of Mexico and seeing the world.  After the death of her mother, her plans change and she now has an obligation to her family and the distillery that won't change anytime soon.  But an opportunity presents itself when a handsome stranger is on the tasting tour for the Pequeno Zarigueya.  He has an idea that might just push their little distillery forward and make it profitable so that she can finally live the life she actually wants.  The only catch is that to do so, her father is making her travel to Kentucky with Brandon to check out his family's distillery and make sure the business is thriving like Brandon claims.

Only time will tell if Brandon and Lesa take a shot at Love!

I am giving A Shot With You 4 Stars

Reviewed by Corrie H.