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Review : Sinful Scottish Laird by Julia London



Sinful Scottish Laird written by Julia London is the 2nd book in the Highland Grooms series. This is a historical romance and the second book I have had the privilege to read by Ms. London. I am not one for a historical romance genre, however, Ms. London takes you in and gives you fresh breath of the Highland air in her writing.

Set in 1742 in the Scottish Highlands at Balhaire, you meet Daisy, Lady Chadwick of London and her son Ellis, Lord Chadwick who are on their journey to the house of Auchenard; her son’s inherited estate. Daisy, who is widowed now for 2 years has less than a year left to wed another approved lad to keep her son’s inheritance thanks to her deceased husband who declared it in his will. Due to the will, all suitors have come out to express their love to her in London. To get away and get a breath of fresh air she has decided to venture into the highlands, not knowing what she will encounter upon arrival.

Upon meeting Scottish & highlander Lord Arrandale, Caliean Mackenzie, on a not great terms she is astonished on his looks and robust ways. Caliean is of the Balhaire Mackenzie clan, son of Lord Arran & Lady Margot Mackenzie from Ms. London’s Wild Wicked Scot romance. Caliean who is entranced by his first encounter keeps ending up in her presence and every time he sees a different side to her “barmy” “cheeky” and “bonny” ways. Not too keen on one another, both try and spur each other on. Reading of their bantering back and forth is a delight to read. It will make you enjoy the book even better.

Lady Chadwick hears from her first love, Captain Robert Spivey, the one that got away, wanting her hand in marriage but of course he is not the only one to call upon her hand. Men of the Highlands have heard word of Lady Chadwick needing to find a suitor to keep ahold of the inheritance, Caliean can’t see it for what it is. Is this because of jealousy? Does he see through her ways? Can he see that she feels the same?

When the Captain arrives… who will Lady Chadwick choose? Does she follow her heart or her head?

Great storytelling by Julia London. She encaptures you from the beginning and takes you on a journey!

3.5 Stars

Reviewed by Allyson S.