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Review : Swing by Adriana Locke

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **

This wonderful and heartwarming sports romance will take you on an uplifting ride of passion and freeing yourself from your past. Swing by Adriana Locke is the second book in the series. Lincoln Landry, famous baseball player for the Arrows has injured himself which puts his career on hold. Baseball is all he has and ever will know which makes him cocky and arrogant towards women and life. Stepping off on the wrong floor of the hospital from his physical therapy appointment, he runs into Ryan “Danielle” Ashley, the director of child services. Danielle has grown up with a hard life, to parents who wanted a boy instead of a girl and dating athletes who put the sport before her.. Just imagine that life?! She believes all attractive, handsome athletes are all the same; until Lincoln enters her world. Lincoln shows her that he is not like all others and starts breaking down her walls slowly showing her who he really is.

Because she has been burned multiple times, Danielle groups all men in one category, can she separate Lincoln from the rest?

The passion between the two is so intense that Adriana Locke makes you feel like you are fly on the wall watching the romance unfold. I can’t get enough of both Lincoln and Danielle. This series is definitely going on my “to-read” list to find out what happens to all of Lincoln’s siblings.

5 Home Run Stars!

Reviewed by Allyson S.