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Review : The Two-Night One-Night Stand by Ryan Ringbloom

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

The Two-Night One-Night Stand is a standalone novel by Ryan Ringbloom.

Holly Martin is still working to recover from her long term relationship. It has been ten months and she is still hurting a lot. She finally has her dream job however, so things are looking up, at least in that department. It is Halloween night and one of her friends has set her up on a blind date with their brother. Holly is reluctant, but figures how could it hurt.

Matthew Daniels is a PA at the local hospital. He is out for the night hanging with his older brothers. He has just come off of a shift and hardly has any free time, so to be able to get out is great for him.

Holly approaches Matthew thinking that he is her blind date. She has had a couple of drinks and is very persistent. Matthew wants to tell Holly about the mistaken identity, but his hormones won’t let him. After their night together, Holly finds out that Matthew is not who she thought he was. She puts him out and decides that she is going to wash her hands of the situation.

However, as things are want to do, their paths continue to cross. And one night, while out on separate occasions, they end up together again. Holly feels as if Matthew is her rebound relationship and is ready to move on to the next and her happily ever after. Matthew is seriously into Holly and wants things to be able to continue on from where they started.

Will Holly allow herself to consider having a relationship with Matthew? Or will she run away because of her personal feelings.

I would give this book five stars.

Reviewed by: Nicole W.