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Review : A Veil Of Vines by Tillie Cole


I am a huge Tillie Cole fan so was excited to read this book and to be honest I had heard some mixed things about ‘A Veil of Vines’ but was keen to get my hands on it and see what Tillie had in store for us. This maybe wasn’t what you would expect from Tillie Cole but that isn’t a bad thing and for me this modern day fairy tale romance was a great four star read.

As in all her books Tillie Cole manages to make us connect with the characters regardless of their background or circumstance and in this book that is no different. I am a fan of historical romance and this book definitely had that kind of feel being set in Italy with aristocracy, ancestral vows, traditions, arranged marriages along with the pomp and ceremony which are all things I loved to read about.

Caresa, Duhess di Parma is betrothed to Zeno, an Italian Prince so she agrees to travel to Italy to meet the handsome prince and have the wedding of her dreams. However although Zeno should be everything Caresa wants he just doesn’t set her heart alight. This is where Achille comes into the picture. Achille is very sweet, kind and unassuming wine maker. What begins as a friendship blossoms into something so much more.

This is a forbidden romance between two beautiful characters told in a sweet and light-hearted romance that gives you the broadest smile at times. The writing as ever is captivating and beautiful and we can all do with some fairy tale romance set in some amazing scenery once in a while and for that I can wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Louise G.