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Review : Vicious by L.J. Shen

*Arc provided by the author for an honest review *

An epic deliciously wicked must read that will blow your mind and leave you with a massive book hangover.

Blown away .. I was utterly and completely blown away by this sexy, powerful, raw read. LJ Shen owned me from the first couple of pages. I re read this book TWICE before finally being able to sit down and express my thoughts. I was just not ready to let this story and characters go.

It's so much more than your typical love story, it's a story about an emotionally damaged boy man who's flaws are as many as his underlining attributes. Heavy as it is light, the author found the perfect balance of humor and gravity. Emilia and Vicious will come to own your hearts by the end of this sensational read.

Vicious sets the tone of his character from the moment we are introduced to him. Bossy, dangerous, damaged and with a tongue as vicious as a vipers bite this guy is your worst nightmare who also takes a leading role in your late night fantasies with his gorgeous face. 

Up until now everyone let him get away with his atrocious behavior, too afraid to face his wrath, until one quirky, spunky, sweet as pie girl dared to enter his domain. Emilia is amazing. She gives as good as she gets and isn't afraid to back down despite the fact she's a mess on the inside.

The relationship between Vicious and Emilia is as explosive as it is passionate. The back and forth banter will have you laughing and blushing. They both grow into their own during the story which spans years from start to finish. You get to witness emotional growth and the strength of character of these unforgettable characters.

The winding path we are taken on throughout will be one of an emotional roller coaster filled with ups and downs along with twists and turns. Secrets revealed, atonement's made and retribution delivered. You will be left breathless with the journey LJ Shen takes us on.

In summary all I can say is that this is an absolute must read not only for the fantastic story telling but also for the underlying message.

I can't wait to read more of this series. The secondary characters are so richly told that you know they too have an amazing story waiting to be heard.