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Review : Wild Wicked Scot by Julia London

*** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ***

Wild Wicked Scot is a standalone novel by Julia London

Year 1706
Lady Margot Armstrong, classic socialite, adolescent woman in her prime with her infatuation of men. Throwing her best friend a birthday party, she discovers late comers that she has never seen. However, Margot’s father has different plans with the lads, one of them is Lord Arran MacKenzie of Balhaire, the Highlands and Margot is about to be wed to him without her approval. High society socialite meets Scotland highland Lord.

Year 1710
3 years later, Margot has returned back to the highlands in hope of gaining information on her Lord Arran. After fleeing 4 months into their marriage, Margot’s father has sent her to investigate the treason in which Arran is supposably accused of. She tries everything she has as a woman to get back in his good graces, but at every turn she is met her match. Arran is appalled that Margot has returned. Anger doesn’t even cover his emotions but her smile and her presence just brings back those lustful memories from their wedded 4 months.

“He did not have the same longing in him he’d once felt for her - he felt only disdain.”

It will take the Lord a lot to trust Lady Margot back in his good graces. Political upheaval shows up at their door, secrets are revealed and hearts are slowly mended. Can Arran eventually forgive Margot for all the disdain she has caused in his life or will all her hard work at trying to repair their marriage go to waste?

I sympathize with Arran in his ways for treating Margot, but give the girl a small break! Moments I wanted to yell at both of them… for Arran to give her some sort of love and appreciation and for Margot to confess sooner on her troubles.

The journey that you take in this heartfelt romance is extraordinary! Ms. London delivers passion, lust, heartache, anger, regret; everything to make a wonderful romantic tale.

4 Stars

Reviewed by Allyson S.