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Review : Alaska or Bust by Rhonda James

** Copy provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Poignant, riveting and Beautiful .. Alaska or Bust will OWN you by the time you finish. 

I have rarely finished a book from cover to cover so quickly. I devoured this read and am left reeling from it. Rhonda James spun a tale so emotional, so powerful that you are swept away into Tucker's and Gracie's lives. 

The story follows two people who have experienced their own version of unbearable pain, and the reader is taken alongside them through their journey of healing, self discovery and love. By way of laughter, music and downright goofiness these two begin to heal each other in ways they never thought possible. Each of them had set out to find their own measure of peace but when Gracie and Tucker meet at a truck stop, their individual paths merge into one. The story picks up after this point and with the turn of each page you come to see them learning to live again. The path is not easy but in the end a beautiful message is presented to us .. live your life the way you want to live, embrace it, treasure it and fight for the one thing that can change your life for the better .. LOVE. 

Rhonda is a master with her pen. She never lets the reader get too over whelmed by the somber tones of the novel and knows the precise instances to inject her own personal flair of hilarity, making this read one unforgettable experience.