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Review : The Bartender by Piper Rayne


Piper Rayne has definitely managed to provide a book you will want to read. 'The Bartender' is a romantic comedy with just the right amount of sass and heat that will have you laughing out loud one minute and blushing the next, a brilliant 5 star read.

Whitney has returned home after a bit of a slump in fortune and being fired from her job. Moving back into her childhood home with her two grandparent's in their seventies isn't really what she thought she would be doing with her life but at least she gets to spend more time with her two best friends Lennon and Tahlia. 

When she finds out her best friend is getting married she is happy for her but also a little envious. So what does a person do when alone and needing company? You go to a bar and hook up with the sexy bartender who has you all hot and bothered with just a look and a sexy smirk.

Later when asked to help out with wedding duties Whitney finds herself face to face with the bartender who she hoped never to see again. Not only that, she now has to spend time with him helping to plan her best friends wedding.

Cole is sexy guy and picking up women has never been an issue for him. He admits to his past and isn't shy about the lust he has for Whitney. There is something about her that he can't get enough of and thinks they would be great together if only she would agree.

There is fun, laughter and brilliant banter that keeps you entertained throughout. Whit and Cole are brilliant together and I can admit to being embarrassed and cringing for Whitney with some of the situations she finds herself in that is up until laugh. This was a treat to read and to be honest I was sad when I finished the book as I could have kept reading and reading. A thoroughly good read that I will be recommending to many who need a pick me up and want to get stuck into a sexy and funny rom com.

Reviewed by Louise G.