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Review : Becoming Mrs. Lockwood by KI Lynn

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Becoming Mrs Lockwood by KI Lynn was a different kind of read for me.

I can’t imagine how I would feel waking up one morning, at the age of eighteen married to a man I had only met the day before. Especially one who was older than me and not just by a little bit.

As per every story there were good points to Weston and Wren’s story like the secondary characters that added to it’s charm, but then there was also parts that I didn’t relate to as much as I would have liked to. Every reader has that when they read regardless of who the author is.

I loved how romantic and passionate Weston and Wren’s was. Their struggles as newlyweds I could relate to. It takes time for two different personalities to merge as one, and not every relationship is perfect. I always get sucked in and join that roller coaster along with the characters as they find their way to true love. Becoming Mrs Lockwood was no exception, and I loved how creative KI’s mind was in developing a story line like this. 

This is definitely a four star read for me.

Reviewed by Stacey J