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Review : Casanova by Emma hart



I have read quite a few of Emma Hart’s books so I knew this would be well written and funny but I did not expect to love ‘Casanova’ just as much as I did. This couldn’t be given anything other than 5 stars.

From the very beginning you are drawn in by the real characters that you feel like you know or at the very least want to know. The humour and witty comebacks had me reading with a permanent smile on my face or laughing out loud. The sassiness and feistiness of the female lead and the cocky self-assured attitude of the male lead was everything you come to expect in Emma Hart’s books but the banter between Lani and Brett was among some of the best I’ve read.

Lani returns home after the death of her grandmother but she is in for a few surprises that just might mean she has to stick around longer than she planned. Eight years previous she had fled her home of Whiskey Keys and hadn’t looked back she had left broken hearted and had no intention of having anything to do with the man who broke her heart when he was a boy.

Yeah well….best laid plans and all that.

Brett Walker is heir to the Walker business along with his sister but his previous behaviour and typical privileged bad boy persona needs some rebranding and the person who can do it is the person who walked away from him. Brett is not apologetic about his behaviour and womanising (or so he would have you believe) but held in a deal with his family he needs to change public opinion of himself. In steps Lani the one person who really knows him or at least had known him. He is not shy about innuendos and jibes at Lani’s expense but deep down he really is affected by her.

I loved Lani and Brett and the closeness that you could see was still there from before and hadn’t been lost over time. Lani is feisty and funny and doesn’t hold back in letting Brett know what she thinks of him. With his sexy smirks and sexual jibes about making her scream his name Brett is all about making Lani respond to him. If you ever need a sexy, sassy but also incredibly witty and entertaining read then you can’t go wrong with any of Emma’s books and this is now one of my favourites that she has written. A must read.

Reviewed by Louise G.