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Review : Crown of Lies by Pepper Winters

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Intense, scorching and a guaranteed book hangover !

I'm usually quick to pick up on the way a book will play out, in my head I can piece together the outcome .. or so I like to think, however with this read .. I had NO CLUE and I LOVED every moment of it. Pepper Winters wove such an intricate web with her words that I was glued to my eReader frantically turning pages trying to figure it all out. 

Noelle is a privileged, sweet, sheltered girl. Losing her mother at a young age her Father thrust her into the business world and she ate it up. Becoming heir to an Empire at an early age, Elle has been all work and no play all her life, missing out on all the things teenagers her age reveled in. 

On an impulsive rebellious whim, she sets out to find adventure to feel like the rest of the world. That one night changed her life forever and thrust her into the path of a man that would haunt her dreams for years to come. 

Penn, is sexy, dominating and shrouded in mystery. When he meets the innocent Elle all he can think of is how he is going to "dirty" her up. 

A deal is struck. Penn and Elle embark on a sexy journey of passion.The intense chemistry between them is undeniable and the twists and turns of this read an emotional roller coaster. As we get deeper and deeper into the story the suspense gets thicker. Will these two come together or when secrets are slowly revealed will they combust ? This story ends on a cliffhanger and I am awaiting with baited breath to see where the author takes them.